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Iris Adventures has unique staff as they have dedicated their entire lives to make their dreams come true, live those dreams in real life and not in a world of imagination. The passion and adrenaline to make the best of the best have always been our main motivation to push the limits and discover new things. Now even more, because we want to share with others our experience and unique style of life.

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You can if you really want it!

Iris Adventures Tours

Basic Canyoning

Adventure for everyone! Basic canyoning Cetina River is the combination of walking, hiking, sliding down the rapids, swimming in crystal clear natural water pools, and swimming under the highest waterfall on river Cetina.

Extreme canyoning

If you are looking for something more this is the trip for you. The best adventure trip in Croatia. Extreme canyoning is a more advanced version which includes rappelling by our guides on 55m waterfall with more optional cliff jumps.

Deep water solo & Cliff jumping

Cliff jumping and deep water soloing! Take a ride with us to hidden cliffs, try different jumps from 2 to 10m height and then climb out from the sea to do some more!

Sea & River kayaking

Sea & River relaxed kayaking tour from Podstrana beach to River Žrnovnica, and around the city of Stobreč and back. Some optional cliff jumping and beach hopping.

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