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Beyond the Best Tour Group Sea Kayaking, Biking, Cliff Jumping, Canyoning, and Deep Water Soloing

Just got back from a 3 week long vacation throughout Europe (Czech Republic, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Bosnia, and Croatia) and without hesitation I can say Iris Adventures was the best tour group! Iris and Igor (owners) are awesome! They were super accommodating and put us first to make sure we had a great time! Their tours were unlike any other tours we had during our trip. They made sure we we having the best time we could.

Our trip was my grandpa (72), cousin (20), and brother (20) and we all had a blast! My grandpa was extremely impressed with how helpful Iris and Igor were without being overbearing. He said it was awesome to know that they were always around to help if he got into a tough spot, but not being treated without little kid gloves. My brother, cousin, and I had a blast also! Iris and Igor gave us any opportunity to push further and try something new. It was great how they could balance the age dynamic and ensure that we all had the most fun that we could possibly have. We went biking, sea kayaking, cliff jumping, deep water soloing, canyoning, and zip lining in two days. And those have been the best two days of my life!

If you ever have the opportunity to be in Croatia Iris Adventures is a must. At the end of our trip they gave us a disc with over 500 pictures of our adventures. Having these pictures was special and it shows how much they care about your experience, not only do they want you to have a great time in the present they want to give you the ability to look back on it too (It was also great because we didn’t have to worry about lugging around our own cameras)! Iris Adventures is a must! They care about you, your safety, and especially having fun! Words don’t do the trip justice, so I hope the pictures will help capture the experience and nature. Iris Adventures was indescribably awesome!

Basic and Extreme Canyoning

James K

I’ve been in many places around the world and done many kinds of activities, and the canyoning trip we did with Igor was one of the best things I’ve ever done.While going down the canyon, we swam, jumped, rappelled, rafted and did many more fun and challenging activities. This activity is extreme and intense. Great adventure! The guidance and equipment were very professional and we enjoyed every moment! This was by far the best activity we’ve done in Croatia. Do not miss!!!


We spent an awesome day in the canyon of the cetina river. Our guides Iris and Igor are very experienced and we had a great time.Beautiful nature, fun jumps, cold water, new equipment, good spontaneous organization and sunshine. All in all a perfect day, thank you very much guys.

Indiana Ri

Few years ago I went on Cetina rafting and it was nice, but very calm and relaxing. When I was invited to go on Canyoning with Iris, I knew I won’t miss it. For years I’m listening about her as great climber, alpinist, member of Croatian female expedition on Mont Everest and moreover, as a great person. Her kindness I can confirm and experience was obvious all the way in manner and confidence how Iris handled five of us, including one nine year old girl. (Thank you Iris, you are fantastic.) I’m always amazed with natural beauties that I discover in our small country. Canyon of Cetina is definitively one of them, and if you want adventure during your vacation, this is great.


During our stay in Split,we booked extrem canyoning.i myself had never before done canyoning and it was the best experience ever!Igor picked us up in Split and took us in his van to the river Cetina!from the start he was a very sympathetic and experienced alpinist with a brand new equipment.the Trip was a combination of climbing,hiking,jumping off rocks,passing through a tunnel and swimming!roping off an about 55m cliff Igor gave us a lot of confidence and was always so very helpful in giving instructions so that we could find the right way!All in all it was an absolutely fun trip with so many wonderful experiences and even more stunning views of the landscape of Croatia!I absolutely recommend this trip to anyone and would always come back for more!Thanks so much Iris Adventures for making our day!!!!

Alana and Bridgette

This definitely was the highlight of going to Split and maybe even Croatia! Igor and Dado were awesome guys – super friendly and helpful. The scenery was spectacular, involved lots of climbing, diving and swimming and was an all round perfect day. Would recommend this to everyone! Thanks again. Love Aussie girl


My sister and I went canyoning with Iris Adventures and we had so much fun!! Igor was an amazing guide and we couldn’t have asked for a better day. If you had to choose one thing to do in Split, this would be my choice. Make sure to wear a bathing suit and tennis shoes and prepare for a day of active hiking through the canyon. Beautiful view and seriously such an awesome adventure : ) thanks again Iris Adventures and Igor!


Igor was a perfect guide. This is a mix of adventure and incredible beauty that we will remember forever. Moderately challenging, wear sneakers that you can walk in the water with. You’ll walk over dry and wet rocks, climb, float, swim, have great views of waterfalls and rapids, and you’ll never want it to end.


It gets pretty boring when you see all those excellent reviews, so I was trying to put a shadow somewhere, but without success. I truly believe this is the best way to experience the challenges and thrills of Croatian’s best canyons and enjoy great company, friendly and safe atmosphere with Iris Adventures guides. Yes, you have to meet Iris, Igor and Stanko – guides who ensure you hear many interesting stories related to this area. If you are lucky enough to be a part of very cool group as I was, then you will enjoy breathtaking rocks and waterfalls without any distraction. Good value for money and just perfect duration of the activity – so you can have this great feeling of being a little bit tired but still able to continue with other activities. I would definitely recommend this activity to everyone visiting this region.


Absolutely amazing! 2.5 kilometer walk/swim through a water cut limestone canyon. Opportunity to jump off rocks, swim under waterfalls, navigate through a 120 meter tunnel through the rock wall, and swim in water clean enough to drink. We had a mixture of families and single travelers in the group and the expert guides made sure everyone had fun together and mingled well. I was impressed with the quality of the wetsuits, life vests, and helmets we used. Everything from the tour van to the equipment was very clean. Wear shoes you can get wet and take a little food to tide you over and give you energy. Leave your camera at home as the company will take pictures of everyone and the amazing scenery with water proof cameras and have them available for purchase on a cd that is burned even before you arrive back in Split an hour after leaving the river. Very affordable, the best money I spent on my vacation to Croatia!


f you like the outdoors, hiking and water, you will like canyoning. Igor, our tour guide and owner of the company, and Karlo did a terrific job taking us through the canyon. I chose the extreme canyoning experience which meant I got to rappel down near two waterfalls. Igor was very through with the safety precautions and what a view. Hanging off the rope 40M+ in the air in the middle of the canyon overlooking the water fall! was spectacular. If you do not like hanging off a rope going over a cliff, the regular canyoning trip does a walk around to get to the bottom.
All you need to bring are a pair of shoes that can get wet and a bathing suit and a towel. They provide a full wet suit, life vest and helmet. The gear was in very good shape. Definitely worth doing.


A great day out in one of the most amazing settings I’ve ever seen in the best way possible, with a good dose of swimming down a river and under a waterfall, and the highest cliff jump I’ve ever done.Igor was a great guide – friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. When I’m next in split I’ll definitely be looking up the other activities on offer!


Super souvenirs de cet “Extreme Canyoning” avec notamment 55m de rappel, des sauts à volonté entre 5 et 10 mètres et un environnement presque paradisiaque. Rien à redire sur l’organisation qui s’est déroulée à merveille et un charmant accompagnement d’Iris et Igor tout au long de l’aventure. Merci à eux!

Rock Climbing


I was fortunate to be able to schedule a last minute private rock climbing trip with Iris and Igor on a Sunday afternoon. I regularly climb indoors but have only climbed outdoors once before, so it was an amazing experience for me to climb in the beautiful town of Omis. Iris and Igor are very experienced, professional, knowledgeable, and personable. They will cater to any level of climbing that you request, and they were great about teaching me things about outdoor climbing that I was not familiar with. I would not hesitate to do any kind of adventure activity with them, as you are sure to have an awesome time!


I just called Iris the late evening before going off to go climbing in Omiš the day after. It was my last day of my travels Iris and Igor were kind to take me on an individual and personal climbing trip. The transfer was easy, everything went down smoothly. The climbing itself was amazing, There are routes for everyone, and Igor and Iris were really flexible for you to choose what kind of route you want to do. There is no pressure, they are just doing a good job at making you feel comfortable. I enjoyed challenging myself, and they recommended just the right paths. So, if you just don’t want to sit and the beach all day and want to go experience the beautiful nature and countryside and your own limit, then you are probably going to like this trip, definite recommendation! Thanks again for having hat a bläst!

Stacy H

I spent a very nice day rock climbing in a beautiful place! Igor and Iris have a lot of experience they are very professional and have all the equipment.They were very nice with me, I spent a really good time.I love it and I’ll come back again for sure!

Knut L

We had a great day climbing with Iris Adventures in Omnis. World class sport climbing with superfriendly and professional guides. If you are a first time climber or experienced climber – Iris will find the perfect routes for you. You can bring your own equipment, or borrow all you need from Iris Adventure. Remember to bring enough water to drink, and prepare for a great experience 🙂 Highly recommendable, and a must-do if you are in Croatia!

Sea Kayaking


Great experience, lovely few hours in the sea with some great guides. Even got bought a beer at the end of it all by Igor, would definitely recommend any of the trips this company do!

Sam H

Our family of five (two adults and three children aged four, seven and eight years) booked kayaking. The booking was very straight forward, we were able to go the next day. It was really good fun kayaking on the sea and along the river. We would thoroughly recommend this company and love to use them if we return.



Went trekking with Iris adventures on a mountain over looking Split this morning. The views were incredible and Iris, (our guide and co-owner of Iris Adventures) was incredibly hands-on and informative! I’ve already booked my next adventure with the company!looking forward to sea kayaking! 🙂

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