Canyoning adventure Frequently Asked Questions

Canyoning Adventure

Frequently asked questions

FAQ – Canyoning (Basic & Extreme)


  1. How do we get to the start point of the tour?

We will meet in the Split city center, gather up in transportation and drive about 50 minutes to our base in the village of Zadvarje. If you have your own transportation you can come directly to the village meeting point.


If you need transfer:

Split – Trg Republike (Prokurative) –


If you will be coming directly with your car:

Zadvarje – Hrvatskih branitelja –


  1. What are the meeting times?

Split  – 10:00am

Zadvarje – 11:00am


  1. What is the difference between Basic and Extreme canyoning?

Both Basic and Extreme canyoning tour takes place in the same part of the canyon. On the extreme canyoning tour, you have 2 rope lowering’s by our guides using alpine equipment (rappelling). The first one is near the waterfall at 55m height and the second one at the end 25m height with the optional additional cliff jump.


  1. Can we mix basic & extreme canyoning within our group?

You can combine both canyoning versions if someone from your group doesn’t feel ready for extreme canyoning. In this case, the extreme group will be lowered with a rope, while basic canyoning takes a walking path around. You will reconnect with a group after 15-20 minutes and continue together to the end.


  1. Is previous experience necessary for this tour?

Previous experience is not necessary to participate canyoning tour, and most of the participants are the first time on this kind of tour.


  1. What activities are on the tour?

This is a multisport activity that includes: walking, hiking, climbing, swimming, sliding down the rapids (the number is depending on the water level), and optional cliff jumping.


  1. What does the tour look like in the short description?

After the initial briefing, we will start descending to the canyon. Descent is about 180m and we will walk down the path which includes occasional downclimbes. The path is protected by steel wire and you will be accompanied by our guides on the way, helping you get down.

Once we get into the water, we will start with the briefings and you will walk, hike, swim, and slide down the rapids through the Cetina Canyon. Rapids and cliff jumps are optional.

On the halfway, we will either descend down to the waterfall (climb down the path) or you will be lowered with a rope (Basic or Extreme version).

After that, we will continue all the way to the end, where we have a small climb and downclimb to finish the tour. (includes hiking, swimming, rapids, and optional cliff jumps).

The exit of the canyon is on flat ground, we will walk to the minivan for about 15min on a rocky road with one more short river crossing.

There is no boat on the tour of any kind, this is a Canyoning tour, and boats are used for Rafting (different tour).


  1. What is the minimum age for the canyoning tour?

The minimum age for the basic canyoning tour is 8 years old and for the extreme version 14 years old. Iris Adventures staff holds the right not to allow customers to participate in the tour if they think he or she is not able to do the activity in a safe way.


  1. What fitness level is required for the canyoning tour?

A decent fitness level is required for participation on the canyoning tour. From levels 1-5, it would be 4.


  1. Fitness level explanation

This is a multisport activity: walking, swimming, hiking, climbing, and optional cliff jumping. It will take you about 3-4h of this activity with rests on the way. You should be in moderate/decent psychical condition to finish the canyoning tour. Canyoning is great fun and exercise. As this combines more sports, even a person with regular gym training will be tired after the tour, due to the combination of the effects, as this is not the usual activity person does in training. This will vary from person to person, especially for the kids. Some will find canyoning easy, while others will work harder. We tend to help all the guests finish the tour, and we will do our best to help you on the way and make this your memorable canyoning tour.


  1. What if I cannot finish the tour?

If you are not able to finish the tour or found it to be too hard for you, you will be escorted by our guide halfway through the canyon on the emergency exit. If you came with a transfer from Split, you can wait at our warehouse or coffee bar, or explore the area (viewpoints) while the group finishes the canyon to take you back to Split.


  1. Do I need to be a swimmer to participate canyoning tour?

No, but if you are a non-swimmer please read this carefully. We provide you with life vests and wetsuits that keep you floating and the guides will assist you on the way. You might be submerged under the water for a short period of time depending on the river flow and rapids, so if you are uncomfortable with this, this might be deciding factor not to book the tour. Also if in case you have a panic fear of water or water phobia, you should notice the guides or decide not to book the tour.


  1. What are the temperatures of the river?

River temperatures vary from 15°C to 17°C (59F – 63F) in the preseason period to 20°C (68F) in late July and August.


  1. Are cliff jumps obligatory?

All the cliff jumps during the tour are optional and can be easily bypassed by walking. You do not have to jump anywhere to finish the canyon, jumps are completely optional.


  1. What equipment is provided when I book the canyoning tour?

You are provided with full-body 5mm wetsuits, helmets, life vests, and harnesses with suit protections. You can take your own shoes (sport or hike trainers, not beach shoes) to go into the canyon. If you don’t have any, or you don’t want to get your shoes wet, you can rent our canyoning shoes. The price for shoe rental is 7€ or 50kn.


  1. What shoes can I wear in the canyon?

You can check our complete Shoe guidance to determine if your shoes are suitable for the canyon. If you do not have suitable shoes you can rent our canyoning shoes in our warehouse in Zadvarje.

Shoe guidance page –


  1. What do I need to bring with me?

Bring a towel, swimsuit to wear under our neoprene suit, spare clothes to change after the tour, and shoes (regular running shoes – not beach shoes or flip flops). If you don’t have your own running shoes or you don’t want to get your shoes wet you can rent them in our base.


  1. Where do we leave our personal belongings during the tour?

Your personal belongings will be safe and locked in the Iris Adventures Zadvarje base or locked in the minibus during the tour. All your personal belongings will wait for you at the end of the tour.


  1. Can I take glasses with me?

Sunglasses are not necessary for the canyon as most parts are in shade, however if you take them make sure they are tied.

Vision glasses can be brought but make sure they are tied because you might lose them during the tour.


  1. Can I bring a camera with me on the tour?

Yes, you can bring a camera with you in case it is waterproof. We also have helmets with GoPro mounts, but they are limited in number.


  1. Do we get free photos from the tour?

We’re excited to offer you a fantastic canyoning tour that includes some amazing photo opportunities.
We want you to have a memorable experience, and as a courtesy to you, we offer these photos free of charge.
Please note that while photos are not included in the price of the tour, we are happy to provide them to you at no extra cost.
However, if you enjoyed the tour and would like to show appreciation for our hard-working guides taking photos, tips are always welcome and greatly appreciated.

If you wish to record more photos or videos, you can bring your GoPro or waterproof camera with you, attached with a rope to your lifevest.

This is a free complimentary service and we do not guarantee that every tour in the season will be provided with this service, that you will be on pictures, or that the pictures will be clear.


  1. Are meals or drinks included?

No, meals or drinks are not included during or after the canyoning tour. We suggest participants take a good breakfast before the tour or bring some snacks for after the activity.


  1. Is alcohol or narcotics allowed?

It’s strictly forbidden to use any kind of alcoholic drinks or usage of narcotics before or during the canyoning tour! Participants that are already under the influence of alcohol or narcotics will not be allowed to participate on the tour.


  1. Medical issues and usage of medication during the tour

If you have any kind of medical condition that we should be aware of, you need to inform our guides about it. You can approach our guides privately and inform them. If you need to use your medication (like asthma inhalers) or pills during the tour you can give them to our guides, they will keep them safe in waterproof bags and make them available for you during the tour in case you need it.


  1. Are there restrooms or showers in the Iris Adventures base?

Yes, there is a restroom at our base.

No, we don’t have showers.


  1. Can I book a private canyoning tour?

Yes, you can. If you don’t like to be part of the group you can book a private tour on demand. Price varies to a number of people and part of the season so it’s best if you contact us at


  1. Can I book if I’m a solo traveler?

Every day we have departures from Split. In some rare cases in the early preseason period, if we don’t have other participants for a tour, we will need to cancel your trip as the minimum number of persons for this activity is 2.


  1. What happens in the case of rain?

If it is just a small rain we operate canyoning tours regularly. In the case of heavy rains or thunderstorms, we will cancel the tour for safety reasons and you will get a full money refund.


  1. What happens in the case of high water levels in the canyon?

The high water level in the canyon can occur during some construction works on the dam up the river. We are always announced a few days before about that so we keep right to cancel the tours if this happens. You will get the full money refund in this case.


  1. Do I need to bring vouchers with me?

It is not necessary to print vouchers booked for online tours. Our guides have your booking confirmations and will greet you at the meeting point.

In case you have booked at the walk-in agency in Split, please bring the voucher that was given to you.


  1. Is a Canyoning tour dangerous? 

A canyoning tour is an adventure adrenaline activity that takes part in a river canyon so some risks may occur. Iris Adventures company will lead the tour on the highest safety level to reduce any kind of risk for participants. It is always important to listen and follow your guide’s instructions on how to behave in the canyon to reduce any kind of risk.


  1. What are the safety terms we need to pass?

Before the tour, you will be briefed about all possible dangers of the canyoning tour, also in written forms. After you read it, you will sign the form that you are briefed and that you accept all the dangers of canyoning tour and you participate in the tour on your own responsibility.


  1. Is the transfer from the end of the Canyon to the starting point included?

Yes, transfer from the end of the Canyon is always included even if you came directly to Zadvarje village.

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