Rock climbing Split Frequently Asked Questions

Rock Climbing Split

Frequently asked questions

FAQ – Rock climbing Split


  1. How do we get to the start point of the tour?

We will meet in the Split city center, gather up in transportations and drive about 10 minutes to Marjan where the climbing area is located.

Split meeting point:

Split – Trg Republike (Prokurative) – 43°30’31.7″N 16°26’10.7″E


  1. What are meeting times?

Departure times are same for the whole season, it’s best to start in the afternoon from 16:00 am because of sun and rocks are in shade.


01.04 – 31.10 – 16:00pm


  1. Is previous experience necessary for this tour?

Previous experience is not necessary to participate rock climbing tour, and most of our guests are first timers.


  1. What is the minimum age for rock climbing tour?

The minimum age for basic rock climbing tour is 8 years old.


  1. What fitness level is required for rock climbing tour?

Some basic fitness level is enough for participation on climbing tour. From level 1-5, it would be 2-3.


  1. How big are the routes?

Routes vary from 10-27 meters height.


  1. How difficult are the climbs?

We have a wide range of difficulty, from very easy to quite challenging climbs. Grades are from 4a to 6b+ on the French scale. For harder climbs send us a request on


  1. Can I try to lead the climb?

If our guides decide that you have enough experience then yes, you can try.


  1. What is provided in price when I book rock climbing tour?

Price includes transfer to start point and back, guides, climbing shoes, harness, helmets, ropes and all climbing equipment.


  1. What do I need to bring with me?

You should wear comfy clothes, preferable pants that cover knees and some water.


  1. Where do we leave our personal belongings during the tour?

Your personal belongings will be with you all the time during the tour.


  1. Can I take glasses with me?

Sunglasses are welcome because you will be spending some time off cliffs when resting and enjoying the sunny day.

Vision glasses can be brought but make sure they are tied because they might fall off during rock climbing.


  1. Can I bring a camera with me on the tour?

Yes, you can bring a camera with and you.


  1. Are meals or drinks included?

No, meals or drinks are not included during or after the rock climbing tour. We suggest participants take good breakfast before the tour or bring some snacks for after the activity.


  1. Is alcohol or narcotics allowed?

It’s strictly forbidden to use any kind of alcoholic drinks or usage of narcotics before or during the rock climbing tour! Participants that are already under the influence of alcohol or narcotics will not be allowed to participate on the tour.


  1. Medical issues and usage of medication during the tour

If you have any kind of medical condition that we should be aware of, you need to inform our guides about it. You can approach our guides privately and inform them. If you need to use your medication (like asthma inhalers) or pills during the tour, you can take it anytime you need to.


  1. Are there restrooms on the location?

No there are no restrooms.


  1. Can I book a private rock climbing tour?

Yes, you can. If you don’t like to be part of the group you can book private tour on demand. Price varies to a number of people and part of the season so it’s best if you contact us on


  1. Can I book if I’m a solo traveler?

No, a minimum number of people is 2. In some cases you can join a group, so it’s best if you can write to us on to check when we have groups for you to join.


  1. What happens in the case of rain?

If it is just a small rain we operate climbing tours regularly. In the case of heavy rains or thunderstorms, we will cancel the tour for safety reasons and you will get full money refund.


  1. How do I pay for the tour?

If you booked through our webpage or other providers you can just bring your voucher with you and give it to the guides at the beginning of the tour.

If you are paying in cash you can pay to our guides after the tour. Make sure to take the correct amount of money, but there is ATM machine at the meeting point in Split so you can withdraw money from there.


  1. Is rock climbing dangerous?

Rock climbing is extreme sport that always includes small amount of risk, but during our tour you will climb top rope which means that the rope attached to you is passing through the anchor on the top of the route and another part to your belayer. In the case you slip or fall you will just stay on the rope.

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