Cetina Canyoning Guidance – Zadvarje

Guidelines Canyoning (Basic & Extreme)

Chosen meeting location
Zadvarje – Our warehouse (Hrvatskih branitelja 57 street)
Time: 11:00 am


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Meeting description

The meeting point is at our warehouse in Zadvarje.
There is a big parking spot for your vehicle in front of our warehouse.
Your car will be parked there during the tour, and after the tour, we will return you back to your car.


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I booked the wrong meeting point, I need a transfer from Split

Absolutely no worries, mistakes happen, please inform us by email at irisadventures@gmail.com or Whatsapp on the icon in the bottom right corner of your screen.

We will update your reservation and send you a new meeting time and location for the transfer.

Please note that there is a difference in price for tours with or without transfer, transfer is 20€ per person.


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What should I wear and bring with me?


  • Swimsuit or underwear to wear underneath our neoprene suit, towel, and sports shoes.


  • Change of dry clothes to wear after your canyoning tour. It is not permitted to sit wet on the bus that will take us back to the starting point.


  • Personal belongings, including your dry clothes, will be safely locked in our minivan during the tour and will be readily accessible to you immediately after the tour.


  • Please note that flip-flops or beach shoes are not permitted. If you do not have your own sports shoes or do not want to get your shoes wet, we offer canyoning shoes for rent in Zadvarje following the initial briefing at a cost of 7€ per pair.



What shoes can I wear in the canyon?


  • For your convenience, we have provided a comprehensive shoe guidance document to help you determine if your current footwear is suitable for the canyon.
  • In the event that your shoes are not suitable, we offer the option to rent our canyoning shoes from our warehouse located in Zadvarje at a cost of 7€ per pair.


Shoe guidance



Do we get photos from the tour?


  • We want you to have a memorable experience, and as a courtesy to you, guides will take these photos free of charge. Please note that while photos are not included in the price of the tour, we are happy to provide them to you at no extra cost. However, if you enjoyed the tour and would like to show appreciation for our hard-working guides taking photos, tips are always welcome and greatly appreciated.


  • If you wish to record more photos or videos, you can bring your GoPro or waterproof camera with you, attached with a rope to your lifevest.


This is a free complimentary service and we do not guarantee that every tour in the season will be provided with this service, that you will be on pictures, or that the pictures will be clear.



Are meals or drinks included?


Please note that meals and drinks are not provided during or after the canyoning tour.

  • To ensure you have enough energy for the tour, we recommend having a good breakfast before the activity.
  • Additionally, you may wish to bring some snacks or drinks for after the tour.



Additional info

For a comprehensive list of Frequently Asked Questions, please visit our FAQ page.

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